Introducing the first ever ServiceNow-native Privileged Access Management solution - ZertID

Introducing the first ever ServiceNow-native Privileged Access Management solution

Remote work is here to stay no matter how many fans Elon Musk has. In fact Elon must have lost fans (and we know he has lost staff) with his ‘Return to Work’ mandate. According to a global study of employers by Willis Towers Watson, a risk-management and human-resources firm, half of the world’s workers are now working remotely or in a hybrid setup. This is a dramatic uplift from the 9 percent prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and its resultant lock-downs.

With remote work here to stay across all levels of staffing, we are seeing a steep rise in the innovative ways hackers use stolen identities to access systems and data. From sophisticated breaches of privileged accounts like in the recent Github security breach, to simple CEO/ leadership impersonation over email, privileged user access is very hot on the list of hacker exploits.

In all these happenings, one could easily conclude that the root cause is individual laziness or irresponsibility, but how many of us lock the front door when we take the garbage out? It is easy and natural for us humans to err, but now we can get an effective technology solution to safeguard vital infrastructure, data, and our identity.

We’ve been seeing a lot of interest from existing customers asking for the same Access Management and Compliance management capabilities for Privileged users and identities. As we started out building Privileged Access Management into ZertID, we heard from analysts too, appreciating the ‘All-in-one’ approach we were taking on identity security.

Today we are happy to have launched the very first Privileged Access Management solution natively built on the ServiceNow platform! This is another big step in our vision for ZertID to be your single pane of glass providing visibility and governance, over all things Identity Security. Added to the existing capabilities, ZertID is now the most comprehensive Identity Security solution natively built on the NOW platform offering Identity Access Management (IAM), Identity Governance & Administration (IGA), Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM).

It’s a mouthful but we’re just getting started!

It is an inspiration for every ‘creator’ out there that a passionate group of Product Heads and Engineers from Australia and India can build a first-ever solution on the NOW marketplace for customers throughout the globe. We’d like to add a note of gratitude to our friends and partners in ServiceNow and here’s wishing the ServiceNow community many more empowering apps!

Do give ZertID for PAM a try and let us know what else you’d like to see!


Arun Nair

CEO at ZertID, Identity Security and NOW Platform Evangelist