Identity Security & User Access Management Using ServiceNow - ZertID

Our Perspective

Our vision

Our Vision

Our Vision For Revolutionising Identity Security

As ServiceNow partners, we always take pride in solving business problems using ServiceNow technology and our experience in creating business process automation workflows on the NOW platform.

We created ZertID so our customers can obtain far more rapid results and significantly higher levels of efficiency compared to even the best IAM solutions currently on offer.

Our pedigree as the most customer-value-focused ServiceNow partner in the region also meant that we were uncomfortable that nearly all IAM solution vendors had an overly complicated licensing model, which created confusion and added costs.

Across all layers and all processes, Identity Management solutions needed to be reinvented and we are on it!

It’s happening right here, right now!

Ever Evolving Security Landscape

Challenges and importance of balancing security vs business performance and user experience

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Low code advantage

According to Gartner, low code can accelerate efficiency in digital organisations by 50-70%

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The global average total cost of a data breach

Data Breaches are

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Data breaches from internal actors

Identity Management plays a major part in mitigating the risks


A Seamless Identity Platform

Enterprises often need to purchase a long list of products in order to implement end-to-end identity security. The governance processes failed to effectively function across all silos. Integration and professional services costs are higher than palatable as well. These left many gaps in the enterprise security landscape, which allowed bad actors to manipulate those gaps as well as cause friction between end users and security teams.

Our vision is to create a unified platform for all things Identity Security, that is built and delivered purely on ServiceNow’s SaaS platform (called Now Platform), delivered as a single framework, where all modules share a common interlinked code base, delivered under a single uncomplicated licensing model.

Security made simple

Our Approach

Our solution covers all forms of Identity Requirements that modern enterprises face.

  • Employee Experience
  • Day 1 workforce productivity
  • Insider threat mitigation
  • Customer Experience
  • Privacy Protection and Regulatory Compliance
  • Visibility and Control
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Least Privilege Level
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Reduce or Eliminate Share Account Usage
  • Just-in-time provisioning of elevated privileges
  • Zero Standing Privileges
Security made simple

We Play By Our Strength

We have brought together our experience and the
power of ServiceNow platform to create ZertID to
provide certain unique benefits that the industry
was missing.

  • Configure everything in a WYSIWYG-style interface, without coding or ServiceNow knowledge.
  • Automate anything you are able to represent on a flowchart
  • REST APIs, SOAP APIs, JDBC, ODBC, or ServiceNow Integration Hub
  • Support for Legacy Data Sources such as CSV
  • Implementing ZertID takes weeks, not months or years
  • Configuration driven, not code driven
  • Fully capable right out-of-the-box & easily extensible
  • Full knowledge transfer and enablement