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Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management for Modern Enterprises

Enterprise Grade Privileged Access Management Partnered With IGA

Intelligent Access Requests

Privileged Access and Privileged Identity Auto-detection

Privileged Session Logging

Key Vault Integration

Built-in MFA Integration

Smart Privileged Access Recertification Workflow

'No-Code' Installation

Tighter Governance for Privileged Accounts and Privileged Identities

ZertID PAM elevates Privileged Access security to the next level by automatically detecting identities and activities of interest. This will lead to a higher level of security and protection for your critical digital assets by applying governance spanning across:

Security made simple

Embrace a Zero Shared Credentials Culture

Privileged Access Management functionality takes your corporate security to the next level by incrementally removing standing & shared credentials from the environment and helping you extend the role-based, just-in-time provisioning to areas that are traditionally used to share admin credentials.

ZertID PAM’s frictionless workflow takes the hard work by automating the decision making, provisioning and session management and by capturing the access events for further review or auditing.

Security made simple

Just-in-time provisioning, the way it should be:

Over the years, the main concern that has prevented Just-in-Time provisioning (JIT) was the inherent delays in provisioning emergency access that often prolonged service disruptions. ZertID PAM’s workflow can make these access provisioning decisions, as appropriate, based on the metadata available in ServiceNow, which removes the traditional barriers.

As always, our popular employee experience features work across all modules including PAM, which means now your administrators and other privileged users can have an enjoyable access request and session management experience as well!