ZertID Receives Prestigious Recognition as a ‘Leading Identity Governance and Administration Vendor’ by Gartner in 2023 - ZertID

ZertID Receives Prestigious Recognition as a ‘Leading Identity Governance and Administration Vendor’ by Gartner in 2023

We at ZertID are elated to announce that Gartner, a global leader in research and advisory, has acknowledged our efforts and identified ZertID as a notable vendor within the rapidly developing ‘Platform Based IGA’ category in their latest Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions.

The Evolution of ZertID

In the ever-changing landscape of enterprise infrastructure, ZertID has been a constant, ensuring that the right individuals have the appropriate access levels, precisely when they need it, with all pertinent actions being audited seamlessly. This approach not only bolsters security but also streamlines user experience.

Reflecting on the insights from Gartner, it’s been noted that “many organisations do not use even 90% of the features available to them in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) suites. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear organisations admit to using closer to 30%.” This revelation resonates with the feedback we frequently received from our customers about their previous Identity Management products—expressing their dissatisfaction with the costs, maintainability, and poor time-to-value ratios.

Such customer frustrations mirrored our own as we grappled with integrating subpar tools with ServiceNow and devised custom workflows to cover their shortcomings. These challenges were the catalysts for the inception of ZertID in 2017.

Through years of dedication and continuous innovation, ZertID has matured into a truly zero-trust-centric identity security platform. We’ve distilled the essence of what our enterprise clients require into ZertID—eliminating the superfluous and focusing on necessity.

Robust Features Without the Complexity

Today, ZertID provides comprehensive IGA capabilities, Privileged Account Security (PAM/PIM) features, and a streamlined Customer Identity Management (CIAM) experience; all powered by the impressive ServiceNow technology. It’s designed to deliver the core functionalities organisations will actively utilise, eschewing the intrinsic complexity of conventional IAM and PAM tools.

Revolutionary ‘All-in-One’ Licensing Model

Our pioneering ‘all-in-one’ licensing model is another step towards customer empowerment. It allows for the activation of any feature as needed, without the stress of exorbitant subscription fee hikes. This customer-centric approach offers value through utility rather than an overwhelming—and often underused—array of costly features.

A Comprehensive Solution Born from Collaboration

ZertID isn’t just a comprehensive Identity Security solution, it’s a revolution. Built from the ground up on the ‘Now Platform’ from ServiceNow, it addresses your IGA, IAM, and PAM challenges with precision. Moreover, we take immense pride in ZertID being the first and only solution in the ServiceNow ecosystem that spans such a wide breadth of IAM disciplines.

An Australian Innovation with Global Recognition

It’s a special point of pride for us that ZertID stands out as a globally recognised product, bootstrapped and developed right here in Australia, with the unwavering support of our Indian team.

A heartfelt shout-out to the ZertID and Sysintegra teams, and our partners at ServiceNow. Their incredible platform and robust support system have made all of this possible.

Here’s to innovation, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that has led us to this moment. Thank you, Gartner, for the recognition—and here’s to continuing to set the bar higher in the IGA space!


Arun Nair

CEO at ZertID, Identity Security and NOW Platform Evangelist