Zertid named a Leading ‘Identity Governance and Administration Vendor’ by Gartner 2022 - ZertID

Zertid named a Leading ‘Identity Governance and Administration Vendor’ by Gartner 2022

Gartner describes the identity governance and administration environment as being one where IGA provides administrative control of digital identities and access rights across multiple systems. It must accomplish this for a multitude of users and in real-time settings.

It is telling that Zertid, an identity and access management tool developed by Sysintegra, has just gained Analyst Recognition for Identity Governance and Administration by Gartner.

Within an enterprise setting that will see by 2025, “…over 40% of organizations using identity governance and administration (IGA) …. as part of a wider identity fabric to reduce security risks across their identity and access management estate”.

But this is only ever one part of the IGA story as Gartner has also stated “…many organizations do not use even 90% of the features available to them in Identity Governance and Administration suites. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear organizations admit to using closer to 30%.”

As we have witnessed lately, identity breaches at the enterprise level are a real and active threat. The solution is to assess the risk, then adopt an Access Management system that works, but crucially is also one that people will use.

Zertid addresses these issues in a cost effective and timely manner and with a simple ‘no-code’ installation. 

They are one of only 30 such enterprises worldwide to be described by Gartner as a ‘leading’ identity governance & admin vendor in the rapidly evolving ‘Platform Based IGA’ segment in their latest ‘Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration Solutions’

Zertid is a leading IGA solution that is natively integrated with your Business, HR and IT Workflows. It extends the ServiceNow portal with this familiar interface to IAM and is capable of integration with PAM and IGA, but without the need for either coding or new technologies.

Natively built on NOW it will allow a ‘one-stop’ employee front-end experience, a significant gain given how important it is to “…. look beyond the purely technical capabilities of these IGA solutions and evaluate how (and how easily) they can be deployed, integrated, and operated within an existing environment.”

The message here is that you must include ease of deployment and operation in any assessment of your IGA implementation. It is in regard to these important considerations that Zertid really demonstrates its class-leading utility, it’s ease of integration and as well, it’s capacity for expansion.

As Gartner advise, you need an IGA solution that is built for 2030, not just for today.


Arun Nair

CEO at Zertid, Identity Security and NOW Platform Evangelist