Australian ServiceNow Partner Now Certified in the ServiceNow Store - ZertID

Australian ServiceNow Partner Now Certified in the ServiceNow Store

ZertID, the purpose-built Identity and Access Governance product developed on the ServiceNow Now Platform, receives application certification and Built-on-Now designation from ServiceNow.

MELBOURNE, Australia – Nov 2, 2022

ZertID recently announced it has received certification from ServiceNow and is available for download exclusively in the ServiceNow Store enabling customers to take advantage of the simple subscription process and the ability to quickly add-on to their existing or new ServiceNow instance.

Designed for medium and large corporates that are looking to establish a highly scalable Identity Management and Governance solution at a rapid pace, ZertID’s workflow-based approach for Identity Security automates Identity and Access Governance processes.

“The complexity involved in properly configuring and deploying Identity Security products, and the capital and time investments required, is a key challenge for organisations wanting to effectively implement identity security processes. We saw the need for a disruptive tool that can offer IAM and Governance outcomes within realistic parameters.” said Arun Nair, the Managing Director at Sysintegra and Chief Technology Officer for ZertID.   

“Our expertise in workflow automation helped us simplify and automate a number of manual configuration tasks such as setting up and maintaining the Role-Based Access Control, which saves customers a significant amount of time and cost compared to large Identity Management solutions”, Arun added. “And thanks to the Now Platform, the solution can be configured & deployed very quickly”

Integrating natively with ServiceNow ITSM, Asset Management, Customer Service Management and GRC solutions, ZertID brings Identity Security to the broader Enterprise workflow automation context and helps customers quickly automate staff onboarding, offboarding, contractor access management, access review and certifications as well as external audit compliance & reporting. 

Certification by ServiceNow signifies that ZertID has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on Now Platform security, compatibility, performance, and integration interoperability. The certification also ensures that best practices are utilised in the design and implementation of ZertID with ServiceNow while the Built-on-Now ™ designation allows ZertID to build, test, certify, distribute, and sell applications for the Now Platform™ at scale through the ServiceNow Store, OEM, and Service Provider (SP) channels. 


ZertID is designed following our vision for simplifying and automating business services so that the employee and consumer experiences become more intuitive & frictionless. Zertid product is built on Now platform and exclusively distributed via the ServiceNow app store. Visit for more information.