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Identity Security Workflows Using ZertID – A Fresh Approach to Identity Security

In the post-COVID world, we have more remote access, Cloud and BYO devices that ever before. Every organisation needs security solutions that can lock, block and protect against newer types of attacks as well as increased exposure surface. In 2019:
  • 3.2 million identity theft and fraud reports were received worldwide. 1.7 million were fraud-related, about 900,000 were other consumer complaints and about 651,000 were identity theft complaints
  • Those aged 30 to 39 reported the most cases of identity theft
  • Almost 165 million records containing personal data were exposed through data breaches in 2019
  • 2019 was the worst year in history for identity theft reports by a wide margin. It had more than 160,000 more identity theft reports than 2015, which previously had been the year to hold this dubious record
The rise of cloud-based technologies and an increasingly mobile workforce has only magnified the scale of vulnerabilities. ZertID’s wholistic approach to Zero Trust Identity Security significantly reduces risk by giving our customers complete control over ‘who has access to what’, so that staff and end-user access to business systems and the data as it flows across devices, apps, networks, and cloud services is one thing less to worry about. With ZertID, enterprises can effectively govern user and consumer access to information regardless of how those systems and services are being accessed.  With hundreds of supported systems that you can easily onboard yourself or with the ZertID team’s assistance, setting up the IAM platform and processes is effortless. When combined with Okta for multi-factor authentication and Single Sign-On the result is a robust and affordable solution combination for 360-degree Identity Security.

How ZertID Works

What does ZertID Offer?

ZertID is built to optimise the end-user experience and low cost of ownership, encouraging high user adoption and offering affordable identity security. It extends the familiar ServiceNow platform features to offer powerful ‘Identity Workflow’ capabilities. Thanks to the ‘Now’ platform, the product performs well and meets the use cases for customers of any scale. Customers may combine ZertID with Okta for implementing 360-degree ‘Zero Trust’ identity security by including Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Universal Directory and advanced level Provisioning scenarios.

Workflow capability

Perhaps for the first time in the Identity Security space, a fully-featured Identity and Access Governance product is offering Enterprise-grade workflow capability that empowers users to define pretty much any identity security automation use case that they are able to imagine. ZertID has built-in Identity Workflows that are ready to use on day one, or they can be extended to meet specific requirements, without significantly increasing the complexity and long term cost of ownership of the product.

Scalability and Reliability

You can rely on ZertID to deliver strong IAM to protect your information assets. We have a proven track record of success, and the ServiceNow infrastructure equipped within ZertID delivers scalability and reliability to enable your organisation to support thousands of users. ZertID also has integrations with the rest of ServiceNow products and leading HR systems such as Cornerstone and Workday.

Low Cost and Fast Time-to-value 

Sysintegra, partnering with ServiceNow offers the ZertID on a Software-as-a-Service basis with all features for one flat and easy to understanding price. We believe your organisation deserves the best Identity security features to protect against malicious actors. ZertID’s ‘Rapid Deployment & Rapid Results’ model is designed to solve your most challenging pain points within days, not months.


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