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ZertID – Intelligent Identity & Access Management For ServiceNow Customers

It’s 2021 and customer experience is of prime importance – be it in any kind of industry. However, what about those who are responsible for delivering exceptional customer and user experiences to the customers?

In this post, we talk about employee experience by focusing on how ZertID enables Identity, Governance, and Access management using the power of ServiceNow platform. ZertID is an intelligent identity and access management solution for ServiceNow customers.

To be honest, the employee experience is not really streamlined in many organisations. Often, employees have to struggle with onboarding, moving, and offboarding processes with respect to access management and governance. It is challenging to track and manage employee access to various tools and services throughout the lifecycle.

Role-based access controls, especially in the case of contractors, customer users, and other types of staffers add more challenges to the task that is already more complicated.

ZertID enables organisations to adopt one-touch onboarding and offboarding solution with integrated compliance and enhanced security. It is available as a Now Certified application that can be deployed on ServiceNow instances via ServiceNow App Store.

Some of the key features of ZertID are:

  1. Staff and customer access management
  2. User Access Review (UAR) and certifications
  3. Audit and compliance reporting
  4. Bulk onboarding and Access Management
  5. Omnichannel Identity self-service

Bulk employee onboarding and offboarding are one of the key characteristics of ZertID application. It easily integrates with both, Azure AD, On-premise AD and target systems to sync user accounts into ServiceNow to provide IAM functions in a very secure way.

ZertID integrates natively with ServiceNow Asset management, GRC, ITSM, HRSD, and SecOps. For granting authorised access ZertID integrates with any applications or services via ZertID Gateway. It is capable of natively integrating via Okta, to provide access management solutions.

It becomes very important to periodically audit and review role-based accesses that are provided to various stakeholders and roles. ZertID provides a great way to perform UARs by providing certifications for profiles like line managers, application owners, privileged access, etc.

Audit and access reporting helps customers get a clear picture of who has access to what. It could be application, services, platforms or even functional level access. It comes bundled with OOB reports which are very helpful, and more reports can be created for a better-customised view.

Considering the fact that it is natively built on ServiceNow and with governance built-in, the reports can provide feedback for software licence management activities as well as acces to Assets in general.

The application can be accessed via Service Portal which is capable of providing self-service to the end-users. It also supports Android and iOS ServiceNow applications – Now Mobile and Agent apps.

ServiceNow customers looking for a way to manage Identity and Access in a secure, low-risk, cost-reduced, and efficient way – ZertID is the way to go.

Should you wish to discuss adding IAM to your ServiceNow environment, or how to optimize what you already have in place, visit https://zertid.com/contact-us/, or try ZertID, available on ServiceNow App Store.


Rahul Sharma

Expert in ServiceNow implementation with a primary focus on Event Management, Discovery & Service Mapping. Programming experience with server-side and client-side JavaScript, Ajax, JSON and XML, preferably within ServiceNow (business rules, script includes, client scripts, transform map scripts, etc.). Well-versed with integration methodologies such as REST/SOAP and have integrated multiple tools such as BMC TrueSight, JIRA with ServiceNow.