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Journey to Zero Trust begins with identity

Zero Trust framework is rapidly becoming a de-facto standard of the industry as far as the security posture is concerned. Unlike traditional systems, the Zero Trust framework relies on a presumption – nobody on the network can be trusted at … Read More

Why should enterprises take a Zero Trust approach for their IDAM workflows

“In a digital world, trust is a vulnerability; and Zero Trust is the way to secure it” An ever-expanding remote workforce in the face of the pandemic is forcing companies to redefine network security. Between unsecured home WiFi networks and … Read More

3 Reasons Why Enterprises Need Identity & Access Management to Safeguard their Business

Identity and access management (IAM) in enterprise IT is about defining and managing the roles and access privileges of individual network users and the circumstances in which users are granted (or denied) those privileges. Those users might be customers (customer … Read More